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Ultimate Solar Services – Your personal on-site service

Project Management with an Ultimate Solar Professional.

  • We commence a professional site assessment as well as energy audits and more
  • Once all data is captured we will prepare a tailor-made solar system design with our sophisticated PV-Manager design software

Ultimate Solar Services –Design Service

Professional site design by Ultimate Solar.

  • We do building and roof planning in 3D design and integrate the local climate and irradiation data
  • A full roof drawing with module, string and mounting structure design will be provided
  • The electrical generation chart will show your clients their exact energy profile with solar energy integrated
  • A professional economic study showing also payback periods comes with your design for a high-quality appearance

Ultimate Solar Professional working hour: 650 ZAR/h*


PV Manager Design


  • < 10kWp @ 1000 ZAR
  • >10kWp @ 1500 ZAR


  • >100kWp @ 3000 ZAR
  • >500kWp @ on Request

Schematic electrical wiring diagram (AC and DC)

  • With a PV design: Free
  • Residential system (Grid-tied, Backup, Off-Grid): 350 ZAR
  • Commercial system (Grid-tied, Backup, Off-Grid): 500 ZAR

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